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University Ethics Committee

"Kocaeli University Ethics Committee", a committee set up under the "Directive of Kocaeli University Ethics Committee", which was approved by the University Senate at the meeting dated 13.11.2008 and numbered 2008/12, consists of nine (9) members assigned by the Rector upon the recommendation of the Senate.

University Ethics Committee carries out its works according to the "Directive of Kocaeli University Ethics Committee", and "Mode of Operation of Ethics Committee", which is attached to this Directive. The aim of the directive is to organize the scientific research activities, publication activities, education and training acitivities, activities of the services of the members and the academic and administrative units of Kocaeli University, and to arrange the principles and rules, structure, duties and practice principles related to the ethics evaluations in their relationships with the society and stakeholders.

Research Ethics Committee

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